Table lamps Emme Pi Light made in Italy


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    Table lamp Emme Pi Light made in Italy

    Emme Pi Light are handmade lamps in the style of the "modern classic". Since its foundation in 1982, the factory has been successful on the international market for lighting technology due to the quality of its products and its unique style.

    In her production, Emme Pi Light prefers the art traditions of Venetian glassmakers. Emme Pi Light builds up her own experience and perfects her craft. It creates these masterpieces - excellent lighting devices with excellent shapes and sophisticated design. Glass chandeliers and wall lamps are handmade according to the traditional methods of Venetian masters. The original Italian design of the lamps corresponds to the classic and modern tradition and innovation.

    In the manufacture of lamps, Emme Pi Light uses materials of the highest quality - Murano glass, Swarovski and Asfour crystal, ceramics, silk fabrics. The aesthetic charm of the elegant metal elements is perfectly combined with the elegance of Murano glass, and the ceramic santhem adds harmonious silk accessories.

    Every detail of the Emme Pi Light lamps is elegant and exclusive. In order to give the customer a "pure shine" of the Venetian boat, Emme Pi Light controls each phase of his own production. For more than 40 years, Emme Pi Light's chandeliers, pendants, lamps and wall lamps have been regarded as the realisation of the "Made in Italy" brand on the international lighting market.