Vintage framed lithograph by painter Francois Laubnitz.


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    Vintage lithograph framed by the painter Fr. Laubnitz

    Fr. Laubnitz was actually a pseudonym, and the real name of the painter was Ernst Max Pietschmann. He was German, not French, and painted in the early twentieth century. This work was her pawn for the glory of motherhood.

    This magnificent lithograph is in its original frame, and under the original glass. I'm not sure when this was done, because this work hung in my aunt's house for decades.

    It shows a mother with fabulous golden hair, pretty, kneeling next to her child with golden hair. A small child sits next to her and takes a look behind the curtains are two cherubs.

    No damage to this glorious lithograph. The colors are still wonderful, and the glass protected it from stains and damage caused by insects.

    The wooden frame has a few scratches, as I mentioned, the paper on the back has disappeared and the cardboard is exposed. However, the lithograph is securely placed and has no paper flutter.

    Art Nouveau lithograph entitled "The Boy" in landscape format. The pattern is signed with “Fr. Laubnitz ". The mural is well protected by glass and frame. The wooden frame has a wall suspension.

    • lithography
    • around 1920 / Art Nouveau
    • Dimensions with frame (H x W): 65 cm x 135 cm

    The condition is good with common signs of age wear (eg small chips on the frame).