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Sigmund Freudenberger (1745 - 1801) - Les Chanteuses du Mois de May . vintage print


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    Sigmund Freudenberger (1745 - 1801) - The Singers of the Month of May. Vintage print made in Germany in the 70's

    frame dimensions
    height 45 cm
    width 53 cm

    Watercolor (contour) engraving by Sigmund Freudenberger (1745-1801), Bern, c. 1785. Life of a romantic peasant in the Bern area, Switzerland. \ N \ n Scenes in front of a Swiss thatched house; a woman is sitting on a bench next to the house, wearing a black hat and white dress and holding a child in her hand; her husband is behind the left door; a black and white cat glances at a wicker basket at the woman's feet; Both figures look to the right at a group of teenagers, the eldest holding a small branch with a ribbon on it and a striped bush on her right arm, the girl next to her with a long braid, with a black ribbon at the end, two much younger girls, a boy and a dog; in the extreme right is a gate behind which there is a country road; above the left door is a birdhouse; In front of the house there are various utensils and appliances. \ N \ nSigmund Freudenberger (June 16, 1745 - November 15, 1801) was a Swiss painter. Freudenberger was the son of a lawyer and studied as a portraitist. He lived in Paris between 1765 and 1773, where he worked with François Boucher. He then founded a private art school in Bern and became known as the "Little Master" for his generous depictions of rural life. \ N \ n Images are part of the description.