Due Arlecchini, by Gino Severini, by SIAE 1990


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The Two Pulcinella, by Gino Severini, 1912, tempera on paper:
in the times when he was at MONTEGUFONI - VILLA SITWELL
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"Due Arlecchini" (Two Harlequins) is a prominent painting by Italian Futurist artist Gino Severini. The painting, created in 1917, depicts two Harlequins, a popular character in Italian commedia dell'arte, in a dynamic and energetic composition.
The painting is an excellent example of the Futurist movement, which sought to capture the speed and dynamism of modern life through art. The use of vibrant colors, fragmented forms, and bold lines in "Due Arlecchini" creates a sense of movement and energy, reflecting the Futurist interest in capturing the dynamism of modern society.
The painting also shows Severini's interest in Cubism, a style that he had embraced before the development of Futurism. The fragmented forms and multiple viewpoints in "Due Arlecchini" demonstrate Severini's Cubist influences and his ability to combine different artistic styles into a unique and dynamic visual language.
Overall, "Due Arlecchini" by Gino Severini is a remarkable and significant work of art that exemplifies the creative and dynamic spirit of Futurism. It is a testament to Severini's skill and vision as an artist and a valuable addition to any art collection or exhibition.

SIAE is the Italian Copyright Collection Agency. It was founded in 1882 in the Kingdom of Italy

The harlequin played an important role in the career of the painter Gino Severini. The famous figure, derived from the Italian commedia dell'arte, was the Tuscan painter's companion in his 1910 adventures in cubist-futurist geometries as well as in his 1920s revolution "rappelling à l'ordre" when he was "neoclassical". . A touch of metaphysics dominated his works.
The Harlequin, sometimes with other characters, also returned to Severini after World War II, when the artist's Cubist inspiration reappeared in his paintings.

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