Fishing boats on a beach in Spain

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Fishing boats on a beach in Spain by Francisco Vidaller

The painting you see above shows a typical Spanish beach that can be found in Spanish villages. The artist used vivid colors to achieve the level of detail in the painting. The details, which you can see in the painting, create a colorful contrast between the earthy colors of the walls, the cobbled road and a variety of colors. The painting will give your home a pleasant romantic note, adding more warmth to the room.
frame dimensions without frames.
height 29 cm
width 59 cm
The oil painting on canvas was created with a mixed palette of fine quality paint. The artist used the brush technique and managed to achieve a high level of detail on the piece. The painting is stretched on a natural canvas placed on a wooden back frame.
Spanish village beach oil painting on canvas can actually fit in any room in your home. It really depends on your taste and preferences in paintings and how your home is decorated. If your home is decorated in a cosy, warm and traditional way, then this painting will suit perfectly with or without a frame. The colors of the painting will blend perfectly with the furniture and other decorations.
Pictor născut în 1925. Autodidact. Îndrăgostit de natură a fost câmpul, marea și oamenii săi subiectul fundamental al pozelor sale. Cu această ocazie, ele reflectă interpretarea sa fundamentală a ceea ce a observat de-a lungul deceniilor pe teritoriile din Gerona, de la coasta sa ampurdanesă până la Garrotxa vulcanică. Două puncte cheie: predilecția ei de către subiecții toamnași și marini, bărcile sale de lumânare cu oamenii care le echipa.

These are some authoritative opinions:

… Vidaller, is in love with the classics. his painting specifies the reality of all times, seeking the imperishing quality of painting. In his pictures we found again the old silence of the field, the pasture is transparent with waters, the rested road, the boats, the sailors... The Molí Association of Art Critics.

maybe... the greatness of this artist lies in being unique in the heat of progressive fever. maybe it can, in the belief that authentic artistic identity depends more on quality than novelty... Rafael L. Well.

… to indicate the fliciation will, for the understood, be more than enough to leave his work centered: , Innumerable green, blue, ochre, melancholy and warm distances, colored clouds, effects, color, light, feeling, climatological nature Siena ... surrounded everything calmly, explained everything with a technique with rigor and cleanliness, love and sensitivity. This is the language of this artist... Julien Duffour.

This is said to show a projection in the past years until now, of his work, it can only be indicated that since 1950 he has exhibited publicly in rooms in a large part of Spain, some in America and Europe, of private collections anywhere in the world , has pictures of him. That since 1950 in which he participated in two official competitions (with happy results) he gave up this type of public exhibitions, except for those of a beneficial nature.

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