Mountain landscape

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Mountain landscape, Antique works of art.
This image perfectly complements the romance for a comfortable bedroom, decorates the living room and any interior.
Beautiful, vintage art should not be hard to find or extremely expensive. The right work of art that can add warmth and history to any space - whether it's a modern industrial office or a boho beach bungalow. Our goal is to be able to find the right piece for your home.

The painting is made in wonderful pastel colors, it is more subtle in reality than it appears in the photos. The oil painting is in very good general condition. The only thing to notice is the madness of the paint.
Incredibly warm palette and subject, perfect for a living room.
A beautiful landscape oil executed on canvas, beautifully colored. the landscape shows its special attention to the play of natural light and shadows.
Painted in a gentle, traditional style, this is a wonderful representation of rural Spain, with a rustic stone house in the foreground. Full of lively details, such as the river and the colors of the wild flowers blowing in the breeze.

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