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Impression, sunrise by Claude Monet, 1872

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    Impression, sunrise by Claude Monet, 1872
    Impression, Sunrise (French Impression, Soleil levant) is an 1872 seascape by French painter Claude Monet, which gave its name to the Impressionist style.
    A beautiful print made in France in the 70's.

    The picture shows the port of Le Havre in the morning. In the background are the anchored ships, which disappear into the fog. Three smaller boats can be seen in the foreground. Sunlight reflected on the water.

    Monets painted most of the painting blue and purple, the sun reflecting on the water he painted orange. The ships in the background serve as a structuring element, their masts and contours creating linear structures. The picture is painted so wide that the impression of spatial distance becomes clear only through the boats arranged diagonally.
    Monet gives up the composition and the spatial effect. The purpose of the presentation is to reproduce the impression and the mood associated with it. The atmospheric effect is in the foreground and pushes back the shape of the objects. To realize his ideas, Monet used a style of painting with small and short brushes, which makes the constant change of light and the flicker of the air clear.
    The paint is applied so thin in places that the canvas shines, only the reflections of the sun stand out.

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