The sword of Charlemagne


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    The sword of Charlemagne (Charles the great) with beautiful oak wood wall display.
    It is a perfect reproduction of the sword forged for Charlemagne
    This sword is realized in command of the International Military Archives .
    It is manufactured in Toledo, Spain.
    The handle is fully 24 carat gold plated and accented with lapis lazuli cabochons.
    The blade is of tempered steel with a protective coating over it to prevent stains.
    There are drawings on the blade that have been gold plated in 24 carat as well.
    The whole is in good condition.
    The oak wood wall display is also in good condition.
    Length of the sword is 97 cm (38 inches).
    Weights around 1.8 kilos (1800 grams).
    Length of the oak wood wall display is 114 cm (45 inches).
    Weight is 5.2 kg (5200 grams).

    Awesome collectors item!

    Charlemagne Swords
    Joyeuse is the name of the sword of Charlemagne in the Song of Roland and the old French epic Mainet (12th century). The name means "cheerful."
    Charlemagne united most of Western Europe during the early Middle Ages for the first time since the Roman Empire, earning him the title of Father of Europe. Also known as Charlemagne, Charlemagne became the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and founded the Carolingian Empire. Being one of the greatest kings of the medieval period, Charlemagne remains a popular figure in history, making the swords of Charlemagne here at Buying a Sword an excellent choice for anyone who wants a collector's sword. Traditionally, Charlemagne's personal sword was known as the Joyeuse. He was assigned two medieval swords, one kept in the Imperial Treasury in Vienna and the other kept in the Louvre in Paris. With their ornate details,

    The French coronation sword Joyeuse, which was said to be the personal weapon of Emperor Charlemagne, was considered by law to contain part of the Spear of Destiny in the tree.

    This reproduction features a forged carbon steel blade and an antique gold-plated cast handle.