Jacob's Blessing


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Jacob's Blessing.
Jacob also blesses his grandchildren, or Der Segen Jakobs, is a 1656 historical oil painting on canvas by Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. The painting is signed "Rembran .. f. 1656", the German letters from Rembrandt are illegible.

Painting is considered an important late work by Rembrandt. Jacob's Blessing is the highlight of the Old Masters Gallery at the Wilhelmshöhe Palace in Kassel. Kassel-born writer Manfred Hausmann praised the image as a "miracle of silent humanity and unfathomable transcendence."

Jacob is lying in bed in front of his son Joseph. He puts his right hand on the blond boy Ephraim's head. It seems that Joseph is trying to carefully support the hand of his father Jacob from below to direct it to the black-haired Manasseh crown, which is closer: The firstborn Manasseh is to receive the stronger blessing of his right hand. Asenat, Joseph's wife, sits next to Joseph, deep in thought.

The reason refers to the relationship between Judaism and paganism. Manasseh, symbolizing Judaism, is reset by Jacob. The second-born Ephraim, representing paganism, is favored by Jacob because paganism accepted Revelation. Judaism, on the other hand, first received the revelation, but rejected it.

This is evidenced by the implicit crossing of Jacob's hands by Rembrandt. For Rembrandt himself, blessing is the main theme. It describes the transmission of a transcendental choice to future generations.

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