Historical maps of Stuttgart


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Historical maps of Stuttgart

"Warhaffte Conterfactur of the princely capital Stuttgart in the highly praiseworthy princely Württemberg 1592", view of the city of Stuttgart from the southeast, engraving by Jonathan Sauter, 1592, 42 × 109 cm. Signed: ISR (Jonathan Sauter's monogram) in the lower left cartridge. Schefold 7778. Source: # Decker-Hauff 1966, after p. 352.

View of Stuttgart on Stafflenbergstraße in south-east Stuttgart. In the foreground Leonhardsvorstadt, behind it the city center. The rich suburb disappears in the background, meadows and vineyards, fields and forest scattered around the city.

According to Max Bach, Sauter's cityscape is "the oldest illustration of the city of Stuttgart", Gustav Wais praises it as "the most complete and beautiful old view of the city", and Hansmartin Decker-Hauff praises it as the first reliable , in every detail - true and at the same time clear view of the city ”.

A medallion with the coat of arms of Württemberg floats above the city, surrounded by rich Renaissance decorations. A floating scroll, woven with art, with the title of the image emanates from both sides of this coat of arms. In the upper corners are two cartridges with a dedicated Latin and German poetry, in the lower corners two cartridges with the legend of buildings and vineyards. For subtitles see also:

Version with high index digits.
Transcription and explanations of legends after Hansmartin Decker-Hauff.

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