The Love Festival Jean Antoine Watteau (1684 - 1721)


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Das Liebesfest (1717)

Artist:Jean Antoine Watteau (1684 - 1721)
stil artistic : Stil baroc

Antoine Watteau was the second of four sons born to Jean-Philippe Watteau (1660–1726) and his wife Michelle Lardenois (1653–1728). At the age of ten he became an apprentice in the hometown of the painter Jacques-Albert Gérin.

After leaving for Paris around 1702 to earn a living, he initially worked for a painting merchant until he met Claude Gillot, who took him as a student and from whom he inherited his passion for plays. . However, Watteau only worked for Gillot for a short time. From there he went to the decorative painter Claude Audran III, director of the Galerie du Luxembourg, in whose name he painted numerous wall decorations, the so-called panneaux, whose lively compositions were preserved only in reproductions by engravings.

VEB Typoart, also VEB Typoart Dresden, was a Dresden-based former GDR-type foundry, which emerged from the nationalization of Schelter & Giesecke Leipzig (1946) and Schriftguß AG in Dresden (1951). The Ludwig Wagner company in Leipzig and the North German foundry also became part of VEB Typoart in 1961.
This is a beautiful photo taken after the original and edited by VEB PUBLISHING ART DRESDEN published 1969.
She was framed recently.

Printed in the German Democratic Republic

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