Beautiful Tiffany style ceiling lamp

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    Beautiful ceiling lamp in Paul Neuhaus in Tiffany style

    The refined, beautiful Tiffany style ceiling lamp is a unique variant, handmade in glass. Using hand-colored stained glass, the lampshades are handmade in the original original process by Louis Comfort Tiffany over 100 years ago. Many individual pieces of shade are cut with a pattern and then polished. Everything is handmade from these many small pieces; The screen is assembled from the edges with a thin sheet of copper and then glued by hand. This creates a very detailed glass mosaic, whose shade has an individual shape. Depending on the size and number of parts, up to 100 working hours can be assembled in a single lamp!
    Each glass lampshade is checked on a light table to ensure the brightness of the color, pattern, continuity and structural integrity. In addition, each base is checked; they have been manufactured in accordance with German safety standards. Tiffany Design's elegant appeal is very popular in traditional and contemporary settings.
    The overall impression of the lamp is in good condition and neat.
    The lamp is functional and has been tested for electrical safety.
    The photos describe the condition of the lamp.